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02:17pm 14/04/2006
  Well, not much going on. Moved back from Japan months ago, moved to Virginia Beach a few weeks ago., and still no job. I was wanting a job i'd actually like.. but at this point, i think i'll just take anything.
Other than that.. blehhhh on this city. Oh wells, Amanda likes it, which is all that matters.
10:56pm 04/11/2004
  You are AIR

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.. just updating so people know i'm alive.   
05:06am 24/09/2004
  Well.. not much going on. Amanda gets all day to herself, cause I have to work, then go to a spouse dinner.. what fun. :)..
On Sunday, we're gonna try to head up to Hirado, there's a castle there, not as big as Kumamoto, but it'll be interesting to see, plus never really driven north of our house but by maybe 10 minutes, so., it'll all be new to us.
Let's see.. what i've been up to..
Well.. Me and Amanda went to Kumamoto Castle, saw that, then drove to Mt. Aso, and saw the volcano, .. all fun and such.
Then the next weekend, we climbed Mt. Fuji. Got our sticks, with their little burnt stamps, got most of the stations burnt in, except a few, which were closed because it was too wet. It wasn't raining.. but they were in the clouds, so the humidity.. or moisture, whatever from the clouds was making everything wet.
Took us about 7 1/2 hours to get to the top, because we traveled as a group, and it took us about 3 hours to get back down.. again traveling as a group. Then we went to an Ossen, and headed back to Sasebo.
Been getting stuff for an N64, a bunch of games Amanda likes, so trying to get it all. and everything we bought we've received, except the actual console.
Texas is doing decent in football.. but unless they actually win a big game, all the rest doesn't matter.
Haven't heard from Marty lately.. last I heard from him, he said he was a punk.. and last I heard from David was that he's working out, so that if we get into a fight, he won't get punked so badly.. told him I was getting back in shape, so regardless he'll get punked.
Amanda still likes to think she's the boss.. and.. as long as she keeps cooking good food, she can think that.. but i'll still tell her when to go to bed, or what she can't do.(staying up waaayy to late, when she has to be up early, doesn't work), she's lazy-girl.
We are starting to get our bills under control.. with the exception of a few accts.. but all things in due time.
Well.. can't think of anything else.. and I updated enough already. Have fun and such.
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Same things every day   
08:47pm 06/08/2004
mood: apathetic
Not much going on in the land of the rising sun, other than that the sun isn't rising, cause it's dark outside.. damn liars.
Well.. amanda gets back in less then two weeks, which is cool. And when she gets back, we're gonna be busy. That sunday she gets back, we are going to drive to Kumamoto city, about 3 hours away, .. well 2-3 hours, depending on how fast you drive on the toll roads, to go look at the castle there, and the park there.
And if we drive there fast enough, and such, we'll go to Mt. Aso.. another hour east. Mt. Aso is kind of unclear..It's not really a Mt.. it's actually 5 mountains.. but the area is called Mt. Aso.. plus it has an active volcano there too., so hopefully can check it out.
I went with my friend Julia, from Australia, on the 1st. Did the castle, and the park, plus drove to Mt. Aso. but it wasn't great. A tyhpoon had gone through that area the day before. So, while we were lucky, and there was no rain, Mt. aso part sucked. The castle, and the park was nice. The tyhpoon, and the rain from the night before, had cooled the air, and gotten rid of most of the humidity. But the mt.. it also brought in clouds, and for about the last 1/2 .. maybe 1 kilometer, to the top of the mountain, we were driving through low clouds. It's kind of funny to drive into a cloud.. great visibility.. oh.. look.. clouds.. okay visibility.. entering the cloud.. oh.. look.. I have to drive 10 kilometers an hour, so I can see the front of my car. But, that's okay, as the clouds kept passing in the direction they were going, we did get decent visibility at times.
Still.. that day was tiring. Drove 500 km's that day.. and my friend didn't like speeding.. so I had to go the speed limit of 80 km's an hour.. (50mph) on the toll road.. though I was getting passed by yellow plate cars doing 100 km.. and regular white plates doing 120. :(
Still.. next thursday, gonna go back to mt. aso.. gonna skip the castle, and such.. no tyhphoon expected.. supposed to be sunny with maybe clouds.. so hopefully can find a bit more of the MT this time, other than the museum.
Amanda gets back in two weeks.. well less. Which is good.. I got the house mostly cleaned up.. still some things to do. ..but hey. i work better under pressure.. so.. the longer I wait.. the better the house will look :).
yeah.. I love that reasoning.
Anyways.. thought I'd let the family know what this branch is up to. Not much.. just the usual things.
Mail Brides   
09:50pm 23/06/2004
  Did you know..that you can get a one month membership to a site, devoted solely to finding you a woman in Russia, who would be interested in meeting, and developing something more, leading, hopefully to marriage, for $45 a month? Or, even better deal, a one year membership for 150. Same site, btw. I would suggest the one year.
And, even better, than that, this site.
www.goodwife.com isn't so much as for finding you a bride, as it is for pointing out the websites, for various regions; Soviet, Asian, et cetra, and the links for those regions, where perhaps, one day, you too, can have a foreign bride.
Really. .. . How bad can the world be, where with the click of a mouse, you can be a web page away from clicking with that one person in your life.. Your precious person?
I'm mostly looking at the website for the Russian region.. interesting.. there are a few, that have it by cities.. in case, there is a certain region within the country, that you prefer.. after all.. if you were looking for a bride in the states.. you would perhaps, seek a region more than the other.. CA, to NY,/ OH, to TX.
(west, to east, north to south)

Ah.. the things you can do.. But.. I wonder..
with all of these businesses.. that help you find that perfect foreign bride..
I wonder.. exactly how many sites, are those said foreign bride's enrolled in.. and if that's all they do.. how good can they look, if that's all they do..
For sure, you have that rare one.. the beautiful, successful one, who wants a husband from a different country, so she can leave that country.. But.. how long does she look? and, what are her chances of finding that one guy..
these sites should show success stories.. even if faked.. at least some ray of hope.. or be more specific..
this site is for the good looking woman.. who.. while drop dead gorgeous.. do not like to cook, or, are high maintnece.. this site is for the one who is gorgeous, but also likes to cook, but no children.. this site is for the woman who likes to cook, and clean. bonus. With categories like that.. wouldn't it make it much more faster, and simpler to find that one lady out there.. who is looking at her computer, hoping for that one foreign male to express interest in her.
And, for the conspiracy theories.. with all of these sites devoted to finding that perfect foreign bride.. where are the site devoted to finding that perfect foreign husband..
does no one want a husband.. and couldn't they just do it backward.. in russia have sites that are, browse for young, american men.. just looking for that one woman to complete his life..
and if so.. wouldn't that do better..after all.. it's certain young american men that often do the odd things in life..
A certain 26 year old male from Texas, with the middle name of James, and a eyebrow piercing comes to mind.. Very odd choices indeed.. men like him would be perfect candidates for that kind of website..
Me and my friend jeff joked about opening up a .. .. "client" website for USA, and Japan.. we were gonna call it JapanaHo .. catchy huh?.. yeah.. i'll give props.. he thought of that one.. I find the girls, he finds the guys..
and.. all things considered.. if it wasn't for so much red tape.. it'd actually probably be do-able. .. . and for those who want a little more sass in their as.. . . girls.. . the phillipina ladies, are here as well..But so much red-tape.. like.. wouldn't that kind of be morally bad.. and frowned down upon.. and.. a bunch of other legal stuff.. yeah.. the legal stuff would be an annoyance..
as for the morally bad stuff.. well.. to each their own.
Either way... I think there is too much work involved in locationing a foreign lady for certain family members of mine.. too picky.. too picky..
always changes it's course   
09:04am 20/06/2004
Just an update   
08:40pm 19/06/2004

Well.. looks like I may not be able to get to go to my eye exam on monday.. just have to see if it changes course.
Either way, talking to Jeff right now.. he's convincing me to download America's Army.. few reasons for maybe doing that.
one, he plays it.. and haven't really talked to my best friend in a while,
and 2.. it's free.. hey.. i'm not rich.. free is free.
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All the fun & games, conc.   
07:21pm 18/06/2004
mood: nostalgic
Well, today is Friday, 7:21.. just got a call from the co-worker, Ichi.. said that one of the slot machines, had been left open., and the bill box is who knows where..
ahhh... gonna get in trouble on monday.. /sigh.. oh well.. maybe tomorrow, i can find it.. I work Saturday.. not sure where it had gone.. he didn't put it up, and as for me. I remember picking it up off the floor, and putting it on the counter, but I didn't put it up either. Either way.. that's for tomorrow, nothing to do of it now.
On Monday, I am supposed to have my follow-up eye-exam... . I had an eye-exam a mth ago.. but due to certain things, which i'll explain in a second, the glasses I am wearing now, don't have the correct presecription..
When we came to Japan, before we left, I wasn't able to find my glasses, so I only was able to bring my contacts with me.. that in itself was a slight problme.. because, my contacts were the two week, dispoal type.. but i had a few boxes worth..
but to make a long/short story short..
by the time of my eye exam, i was on my last pair of contacts.. which i had been wearing for a few months.. which i hadn't taken out, because.. as it was the last pair, if they ripped.. that'd leave me basically blind, as I have pretty bad vision..
So, I get to the eye doc, and let him know, and he's like.. well.. if you were active duty, I'd say, you can't wear contacts when you leave, but I can't.
And, he was like what type,do you have, I have Acuvue.. and he's okay.. do you know how long the FDC says you can keep those in for, without taking them out?
Nope, replies I. 6 days, says he..
Which.. I guess when i had been keeping them in my eyes for a few mths.. that isn't exactly great news..
So, I go, and take out my contacts, and come back, whatnot.. goes over the list.. and while doing the intial stuff, like the air pressure, his assitant is having a really hard time, getting a good reading. Anyways, i go to that chair, sit down, and do that look through the big, metal thing that has lots of lenses.. doing the which is better routine A, B, 1, 2, et cetra. And my answers, are pretty much the same thing.. I don't really see a difference.. so eye doc, looks at my eyes, and goes okay.. This is a lot easier now.. as a doctor, I am telling you, you are not allowed to put contacts in your eyes when you leave.. especially your right eye.. since you have no way of getting home, you can put it back in your left eye, but not your right eye.
He then says, in the questionaire, you put that your right eye hurts a little.. well.. a some of the surface of your right eye is missing.
Apparantly, since you left the contacts in for so long, a bond probably started to form between the contacts, and your eye, and when you took the contact out, it ripped parts of your eys off as well... as well as, both of your eyes are swollen, and that is why, for now, we can't get an accurate prescription for you. I'm going to issue glasses, but i highly doubt they'll be accurate, as, when your eyes get better, the way you see things will change slightly.
So, I left with my presecription, which I can attest to... is pretty far from being accurate.. and with moistures for both eyes, which i was supposed to take every 2 hours, and anti-biotics, which i was supposed to use every 4 hrs, on my right eye, adn do that for 10 days, which I did.. I was good. :)
So, on Monday, I am supposed to have my follow-up eye exam.. .. . . . however..
that may not be feasible now.. Because, there is a typhoon headed this way.. and is supposed to hit Sasebo, either Sunday or Monday.. not sure.. but if it comes Sunday, i have the day off anyways.. so lots of rain.. if it comes monday.. I'll prob get the day off.. but no eye appointment... so best bet is for it to change it's course.
But at the moment.. it's gonna pass pretty damn close to Sasebo..
But.. we've had a few, supposdly gonna pass next to us, but all changed their routes.. but maybe not this one..
the others, we were only on the edges of the circle within the proposed course, before it changed.. on this one, we are pretty close to the center, of the circle.. so it's gotta do a pretty good change of course, for us to be out of it.
Either way.. nothing to do of it. But that's all the news so far of that.
Well, Father's day is coming up soon. Not sure what to get for my dad.. hm.. I'll prob figure something out. But.. I don't have much time.. . .
As for Amanda, she left singapore, and is now headed somewhere else. She already sent me one birthday gift.
She went to that NameAStar website, and registered/bought one of the stars for us, so that was nice. Plus, she's gonna buy me the next part of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series, which just came out, which is cool, cause I don't have that one yet. and, she bought me the DVD of Run Lola Run.
And, you ask how do i know? Well, because, she told me, and why?
Because, I can't exactly control what she buys, but likewise.. so,.. she'll be gone to August..it'd be bad, if when she got back.. i had already gotten Run lola Run, and had bought the book.
But, another really gift she got me, is in that late August, she signed us up to go climb Mt. Fuji, which was something i really wanted to do.
Also, short little piece.. I used to play Final Fantasy XI online..
had a mithra, lvl 52Blm, 27whm, 19, samurai, 20 warrior, 21, thif, 14 ranger, and every other job, at at least lvl 10. Plus, i had cooking skill to 56, fishing to 8, gold to 9, and wood to 27. but, I deleted my char, and account yesterday. It was taking up too much of my time, but thought I'd post the stuff, and info, so I wouldn't forget later, lol.. I started playing in December, and, so thus, played it for nearly 1/2 a year.. But, I should get more work done around the house.
I already moved the computer to a different part, and thinking of re-arranging more of the house.
Talk to you guys later
All the fun and games pt2.   
07:06pm 18/06/2004
  Well, we drove to Nagasaki, took a little longer than we thought, but it was still fun. Amanda took her portable DVD player, and almost watched the whole movie of "The life of David Gale." In Nagasaki, we pretty much knew what we wanted to do, so we visited Peace park, which was built on the grounds of where a former prison used to stand.. and you guessed it.. This prison was the closet building to where the bomb detonated. Almost the whole building was destroyed, and interestingly enough, the only piece of the building left still standing was the chimney. Everything else was destroyed, along with everyone in it. From there, we went to another part, dedicated to the bomb, this part was also close to the epicenter, but was built in remembrance of it, they even relocated part of a church to this area. So, you could see the blisters on the stones. Also, it showed the ground at the time of the detonation.. well how low the ground was. And, there was a stream next to this park/area.. and a little notice next to it, sad that at the time, there were youths from the local college swimming in the stream, and later, all of the bodies after the bomb had formed a damn, almost, blocking the water. From there, we went to the Nagasaki Museum, which was dedicated to the bomb, which also provided more info, that didn't know, forgot about. Surprisngly, they were very honest, and while some info was hard to acknowledge, when they knocked their own country down as well, you have to at least, accept it in some way. For instance, the museum repeately points out, that all the victims weren't only japanese, there were american victims, and even Korean victims. And, it expressed sympathy for the Korean victims, because it was Japan's fault. In World War II, Japan quickly fought and won Korea, and so the government, forcibly drafted the young men of Korea to fight for them, and forcibly took the young women and sent them wherever, in order to be.. well, to be honest, sex slaves, to make it easier for the japanese men fighting over seas. When the bomb detonated over Nagasaki, a lot of the Koreans who were forcibly forced to Kyoto were killed, however, unlike the japanese, they were not taken care off, instead, most were left where they were, and died, and even now, back in Korea, where there are still survivors, none receive any of the care, or treament, or anything that the Japanese do. In korea, if you talk in japanese, or assume some are, in some ways.. most are still heavily offended by that, due to the treatment that the Japanese gave them, during World War II.
Also, Nagasaki was bombed due to incredibly bad luck.. Well, yeah, that's a given, but even more so.
While they were making the bombing lists, Nagasaki wasn't on the initail list. Sasebo, where we live was, but Nagasaki wasn't.. Nagasaki wasn't even on the 2nd list, which cut off most cities. Nagasaki, got added pretty late on..which is pretty bad luck.
However, they still had bad luck.
Hiroshima was selected as the primary target for the first bomb, and that went as it did. But for the 2nd bomb, Nagasaki was the secondary target. Another city was the primary target, so the pilot flew to that city with the bomb. And, stayed for a little while, but due to clouds was never able to get a visual, and so he left for Nagasaki. While over Nagasaki, same thing.. cloud cover prevented visual sighting.
However, just as he was about to leave, the clouds broke for a second and with that visual sighting, dropped the bomb. While at the museum, they showed a lot of artifacts they recovered from the bombing, bricks blistered, glass fused, iron bent, and warped out of shape.. even clothes, and the shadows. They have pieces of wood, where you can see the shadows of where leaves were burned onto it, or Iron, where you see the shadow of a man, and a ladder. They also have the bloodstained clothes, that people were wearing at the time, and coins from that time, that had been fused together, due to the heat.
After leaving the museum, we went ahead, and headed home, as that had taken up the almost the whole day. And, now, onto pt 3, where, i'll get to the recent stuff.. and the amusing stuff.
All the fun & games one can have.   
06:34pm 18/06/2004
  Hmm, so i haven't updated since Januray.. guess i'll have to make a long post then.. see if i can fit it all in here, the cool stuff.
Well.. back in April, for me and Amanda's 1 year, wedding anniversary, we went to Kyoto for a week, and that was fun, Kyoto was Japan'a first captial, and later, the emperor moved the capital to Tokyo.. if you notice, Kyo to, and To kyo, have the same syllables. yeah.. sometimes, beauty in simplicity, i guess.
anyways, to get to Kyoto, we took the bullet train, for our tickets, round trip, it cost us about 540 dollars, not bad, and the trip took 5 hours.
From Sasebo, we got on a regular type train to.. can't remember where, but that was 2 hours, then from there, to Kyoto, we rode the bullet train for about 3 hours more to Kyoto, and we were going over 300 Kilometer's per hour.. if you do the translation as 25 mph equals 40 kph, then, we were going just around 200 miles an hour.
When we got to Kyoto, we took a taxi to our hotel, cause at the time, we had no idea where it was. We got there before 1, which was the check in time, so we just hung around in the lobby, and looked at brochures. Our hotel room, which was a double, was soo small, it was funny. I mean, I really think Motel 6 has bigger single hotel rooms than this place had.. and this place was a little luxurious.. but, Japan has to do things on a different scale, so, it comes with the territory.
After dropping our stuff off, we walked back to the train station, and picked up a walking map of Kyoto. Kyoto has no airports, so, not as many tourits go there. Well, all of the shops, and such closed at around 5:00, so we went back to the hotel, and Amanda read a book, while I played the GBA, I brought. Later that night, we went down to the restuarant in the hotel to eat.
The hotel we stayed at btw, was the Mitsui Garden Hotel, if i remember right.
The next day we did Johnny's walking tour; "Walk in Japan, Talk in English."
Where we followed Johnny, this one japanese guy around Kyoto, as he took us to various shrines, a park, and some other locations, like showed us, where, and how they make the fans, the prayer beads, we even saw candy being made. Plus, showed us some other temples as well, and dropped us off in front of the arcade section of the town.
By that, I mean, where there are lots of shops, and such.
That lasted from about 7-3:30, and by that time, mine and Amanda's feet were killing us, so we went back home. That night though, we used the hotel's hot water bath, which was interesting.. First time, i'd done that. by the hotel's hot water bath, i mean, on the first floor, they had the large public bath, heated water, et cetra. Guys and girls seperated, of course. Next day, me and Amanda just walked around and explored Kyoto, we walked to the train station, as a guidance point, then walked to this really old pagoda. 5 stories tall it was, all made out of wood, but before that, we walked through two sections, of buddha's, all gold, no pictures were allowed in there, because of how old they were. But, we bought postcards.
lol, well, pictures cause the place was kinda dark, so flash, and such would have been used, and the light is what they wanted to avoid.
After the pagoda, we walked to another temple, which was built into the mts, and was really pretty. On the way, we bought sushi, and tried the little small fishes..
sushi isn't just raw fish, it's just an assortment, of fish, and vegatbles with rice, and seaweed.
But, also, the small little silver fish, in japan, they are eaten whole.
In some cases alive.. .. really fresh, ya know.. just scoop with a spoon.
But, with the sushi we bought, it had the same fishie, but was cooked, in sauce, but still whole.. eyes, scales, everything.
There were two of them, and me and Amanda each tried one. I tried mine first.. and it was.. uhm.. well. . I don't eat fish that much anyways.. but, we both had to drink after it.. But, i did do better than Amanda.. her facial expression, after she stuck the whole small fish in her mouth was funny.. and if we had been home, she would have just spit it out.. but, because we were on a street in Kyoto, she bore with it, and finished the fish.
After the temple, we walked over to the Kyoto Imperial palace, and took a walk in the gardens, that was also pretty, and some of the Cherry Blossoms were still in bloom.. well.. still had the flowers.
And from the temple, we walked to Nijo Castle, and explored the grounds. While there, we bought a little doll, and some other souvernirs.
After that, we walked to one of the Kyoto musuems, then took a taxi home. Amanda's feet had been bothering her, and we had walked a lot.
The next day, we went to the Kyoto Zoo, which was interesting, saw the Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, even a small little red panda. As well, as tons of monkeys'..
Even saw two red-butt Monkey's, trying to do it, like they do on the discovery channel.
From there, we went to another temple, and like the temple from the previous day, this one is also well known. It was the golden pavillion temple, built partly on water, very pretty that was. While there, we each bought a good luck charm, gold, and silver, and little pendants with our birth months. From that temple, we went to a museum/school, it's a school of peace that has a lot of info/stuff on the bombings, and how it's dedicated to peace. I can't remember the name, off the top of my head right now. But, it pointed out a lot of info, most people forget about, or don't know.
Like how, Kyoto was at one time, on the list to be destroyed, but one of the people who were making the list, or had a say in it, had been to Kyoto as a child, and so managed to get Kyoto off the list. It was interesting to be there, the information.
After that, we went back to the hotel, and got ready to leave.
Back in sasebo, we started getting ready to go to Nagasaki. Nagasaki is only a little over an hour away, but we hadn't been there yet.
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01:07pm 08/01/2004
  Just a short little update, I would like to say, that not being able to read Kanji isn't fun. I've spent about 3 days, trying to get my internet working, because about said time frame ago, I restarted my computer, and it wouldn't load up, becuase one of those .dll files was either corrupted or missing,
but anyways, I'm back, and the answer to the problem I had was rather simple, and of course, an annoyance, other than that.
I get to be a bachelor for a few weeks again, as Amanda is bye, bye.
oh well.
All's fun.
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just going on   
07:12am 09/11/2003
  Well.. got internet at the cho now.. so, that's fun. Need to do a few things regarding that.. but I'm in no hurry, it works, and that's all I care about.. Well, that and the fact that it's not dial-up, I'm not getting charged for every few minutes, and the speed is decent... but other than that, I don't care.
And, finally got a car..The car was 400.. but then I had to buy liability insurance for a year, because sailors would buy it for the minimum time, and then get into a wreck after the 3 mths ran out.. so I had to buy it for a year.. which was about 37,000 yen. So.. at the current yen-dollar rate.. about 360.00, and then I had to get the car registered on base, and rather than I do all the work. I'm instead paying an extra 40 for someone else to do it. Not too much work involved.. and a japanese translator would have gone with me, but enough work that I didn't want to worry about it. I'd have to go to this one office, who want a copy of my rental agreement, and a map to my cho, so they can 1: check to make sure I was given parking(parking in japan is so different than in the states, I'll take pictures later), and to make sure I had room for it. And they should do that within a week., then I'll have to go back, get my decal, then go to another office, for some other reason, then on the way back, stop by another office... All in All.. it's not that difficult.. I just didn't feel like doing much driving around, and I'd have to pay about 40-60 anyways.
Well.. other than that, Amanda should be getting home soon.. within a few weeks,, or something. Talk more later.
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All the sights and sounds.   
05:05pm 04/11/2003
mood: blank
Well, Kumamato Castle was interesting, pretty large size, and about 5 KM in circumfrence.. or diamater.. one of the two, big difference. Besides Kumamato Castle, we went to that regions Lord's residence, and this one park. Out of the three, I surprisngly liked the park best. I plan on going again, with Amanda, so next time will get pictures. The Koi were cool.. freaking large too.. like 2-3 feet, and when you threw food into the water, they would all come to the surface, trying to get to it, mouths open, sucking the water.. really funny.
Plus, I bought a few presents... not really souveniors.. but some things that will make a few nice gifts, for people, including me. ;)
Today, I went and transfered the name of the car to me.. the one I bought from this people.. but they used to have a policy of where you had to only have liability insurance, but because a lot of sailors were stupid and get into accidents.. after their 3 mth liability insurance ran out, and they never renewed it, it's now mandatory that you get at least a year insurance.. which was about 37,000 yen. But, now I have to register it.. which is a whole lotta more fun. More on that later, but I think I'll pay an extra 30-40(100), and have someone do it for me, since it'll take about week, and if it isn't done in two weeks, you can't drive your car until it's done.. but, I don't think I'll have much time.
On Thursday, hopefully.. very very much hopefully, I'll have internet at our house, with no phone line, so we'll see if that works, but if so.. the plan I'm paying for.. is about 160 to set it up, and about 80 a month.. but I won't get charged for every few minutes I'm on, so I could.. and will.. leave it on all night, and all day, et cetra.. but the speed is kinda slow.. talking about how I could download a song in like 3-4 minutes.. man.. I remember downloading several songs in a few minutes all at the same time.
eh, oh well.
In other news, me and Amanda have finished christmas presents for a few people, I forgot which ones, and will forget which ones, until the presents are shipped out.
Well.. I'm off to my favorite burger shop to get a hotdog and orange juice.
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05:19pm 01/11/2003
  Yesterday was fun. It was a friday, which is always nice, because Friday's aren't that bad.. and plus the next day is Saturday, which is even easier, plus it's a weekend. But yesterday, I bought two 6X9 rugs.. not very big.. but oddly enough, it does cross one of the smaller rooms all the way and then some.. by a few inches.. but in the other direction it is lacking in a few feet. Well.. I was about to leave the base yesterday, when the power went out. Which was amusing. Because it was kinda dark, but the amusing part is that the power only went out on base.. all off base still had power, and there was no lighting, or thunder, or anything, just lights one second, a little boom, and no lights the next.
Today, was okay, nothing fun, had to escort this japanese girl onto main base housing, so she could go and take her SAT's, when I escorted her off base at 12:00, four hours later, her mom gave me some home-made strawberry jelly for going through the trouble.. wasn't much trouble, so I think I'll give it to my boss, since that's who I was doing that for.
and tomorrow. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I'm going to Kumamato(sp?) Castle, one of the three bigger/well known castles in Japan, so yay on that. The only bad news is that I don't have a digital camera, so I won't be able to get digital pictures. Well.. me and Amanda will go sometime, again, when she gets back.
Just thought i'd let people know all the fun things going on.
Just stuff.   
01:35pm 23/10/2003
  I haven't even been in Japan, but a few months, and I can already tell I'm going to miss several things, not because I use them, but rather because of just how neat they are.
First on the list, is the vending machines, they are so much cooler over here. I have a better variety of drinks, but I can get the drinks either hot or cold, from the same machine. Which is a very neat thing, when the mornings are cold, and you can just get a nice hot drink. Plus, I can get Ice cream from the vending machines, in like 15 different flavors.. yeah.. they are kinda like the push-pops. Still, ice cream is plus. Plus, I can get cigerattes.. but they have that in the states. But what's really cool, though I haven't done it yet, is the alcohol. I can get that in vending machines to. Man.. There really is so much more responsibility here. If they had alcohol vending machines like these in the states, there'd probably be a few drunk kids every night. But here in japan, no problem with that. At least not in Sasebo. But yeah.. I can get me some beer whenever I feel like it, by walking down to the corner, popping some yen in, and picking what I want.
Japanese people are so much more politer than most other people, lol. The only thing that I've noticed that goes on a lot is the red lights. In japan, nearly every red light, like 99.99% of them are on a 3-second timer, so a ton of red lights are run. Though, they have cameras at some intersections, at most, they don't. So, I guess, since most japanese know they got 3 seconds of red light till a green light, or cross walk sign, they figure they got an extra 2 seconds to go still. Because, I think I've seen more blunt red-light running here in these few months, than I ever saw in the states.
Oh well.. as for the words I've learned.. well.. I can ask people where something is.. I ain't gonna be like that one guy with the cell phone, trying to know where the toilet is. Plus, I've learned the words important for a job.. like, "Please wait"; "I'll do it tomorrow"; "I forgot". Really.. those are like the cornerstone words of every job in the world.
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Do names really have power?   
12:50pm 14/10/2003
  If so.. I'd like to change mine sometimes.

Christopher is the #11 most common male name.
1.035% of men in the US are named Christopher.
Around 1267875 US men are named Christopher!
source namestatistics.com

Christopher is the #1968 most common female name.
0.003% of females in the US are named Christopher.
Around 3825 US females are named Christopher!
source namestatistics.com

Christopher is the #1182 most common last name.
0.01% of last names in the US are Christopher.
Around 25000 US last names are Christopher!
source namestatistics.com

Allan is the #250 most common male name.
0.061% of men in the US are named Allan.
Around 74725 US men are named Allan!
source namestatistics.com

Allan is a very rare female name.
Very few females in the US are named Allan.
Be proud of your unique name!
source namestatistics.com

IF you were a female and named Allan.. would you be proud?

Allan is the #3727 most common last name.
0.003% of last names in the US are Allan.
Around 7500 US last names are Allan!
source namestatistics.com

Lambert is the #292 most common last name.
0.037% of last names in the US are Lambert.
Around 92500 US last names are Lambert!
source namestatistics.com
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The day passes, as do I.   
12:26pm 23/09/2003
  In the Twilight beyond, there is a space where nothing rests.
In the space between light and dark, there is something which walks between the two.
In the Twilight eve of the night, nothing is what appears to be.
Infinity abounds us all, surrounds us all, and yet lets us fall. Into the space between light and dark, Twilight beyond, where nothing is no longer resting.
Saw this on someone else's journal;   
05:39pm 21/09/2003
  And as it's been a few years since i've done one of these last, and I have nothing else to do, I think i'll do one.

001.name: Christopher Lambert
002.birthday.: July 6, 1980
003.location: Sasebo city, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushi Island, Japan
004.religion: I believe in energy
005.occupation: Slot Tech

001.hair: dark brown/black (depends on: sun/water/ and how much dust there is)
002.eyes: brownish
003.height: 5'9

001.clothing: loose, black, no buttons
002.music: alternative, R&B, classical, rock, techno, fast

001.wearing: clothes and shoes
002.listening to: some jamacian guy
003.thinking of: how no one is ever online, and how many days till my wife gets back

001.bought: (for my wife), the sims, a few hours ago[amazon],(for me) junk food, keeps the hunger away
002.ate & drank: A bagel.. no flavor, with cream cheese, horrible extra taste, but provides nutrients.
004.watched on TV: .... How the hell am I supposed to remember what I watched back in july?
005.were complimented on: .. I've been complimented on something?

001.club or houseparty: club.. at least this way, I can go into a corner and watch people
002.tea or coffee: Neither, I don't drink caffeine
003.achiever or slacker: I acheive what I don't aspire to, and what I should do, I try to slack.
004.beer or cider: Depends.. what cider, what beer? Otherwise, I'll just take a drink of whatever
005.Drinks or shots: drinks.. i'm in japan.. ain't no good shot, but my shot
006.cats or dogs: cats
007.single or taken: Taken
008.pen or pencil: pen
009.gloves or mittens: why would I wear either of those.. fools.
010.food or candy: Food.. preferably pizza, keeps me healthy
011.cassette or CD: cd
012.coke or pepsi: sprite
013.hard or mild alcohol: hard.. if I am going to drink, I'll do it right. sides, never been drunk.
014.matches or a lighter: Matches, the smell of them lighting is amusing to me.
015.sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: how about a sunset seen over the islands off the beach, looking down from a mountain.
016.Rickie Lake or Oprah Winfrey: .. They're still on?. . well screw you, I don't have to pick, I don't have a TV.

001.kill: if i had to choose, i'd choose myself, less painful, and time consuming that way
002.hear from: santa claus.. where the hell is my shit from when I was a kid?!?!
003.get really wasted with: I'd prefer Alcohol.. it'd be a bit faster that way.
004.look like: Someone without a lot of facial injuries.
005.be like: A person who never has to eat again.
006.avoid: Death.. for at least a few more years.

001.touched: Amanda
002.talked to: (work related) Ray (non-work related) my mom
003.hugged: Amanda
004.instant messaged: Infinity826, but as usual, she never answered(though my connection as usual, failed)
005.kissed: Amanda
006.who broke your heart: the last person who broke my heart, probably thinks I don't have one, so the question is meaningless.
007.made you blush: .. I think some girl back when I was like 10.. don't remember.

001.eat: in the kitchen
003.cry: last time, it was on the ground in my backyard.
004.wish you were: A place where the breath I take is chilled, where I am surrounded by nature, and where the smell is of the world.

001.dated one of your best friends? Of course, break-ups are better that way
002.loved somebody so much it makes you cry? .. cry? only after we broke up.
003.drank alcohol? Yes
004.done drugs? yes.. caffeine is a drug, as is Alcohol.. why asking two questions, when one did?
005.broken the law? .. I sped, ran a red light, driven down a one-way street, but in the other way, and passed a car while doing so.. but.. uh.. no. haven't broken a law yet.. maybe bypassed a few.. but not broken.
007.broken a bone? Yeah.
008.cheated on a test? Yeah.
009.skinny dipped? Yeah.
010.played Truth or Dare? Yeah.
011.flashed someone? .. can't remember.. don't think I have though.
012.mooned Someone? don't think so
013.kissed someone you didn't know? Yeah..
014.been on a talk show/game show? no.. but an extra in a movie.. does that count.
015.been in a fight? Yeah.
016.ridden in a fire truck? No.
018.come close to dying? Only when a vehicle slammed into the car I was in, completely shifting the front of the vehicle by a few inches, and missing me by a fraction of a second.. and when I cracked my head open, twice.. and when I stepped on the snake, rather than it biting me.. and when I slept too close to the fire(burnt rubber is a horrible smell), landing face first from a four-wheeler onto a rock.. and fortunately just hitting my mouth(front teeth are plaster).. But, besides those.. not really.. no, I never saw my life flash before my eyes.
019.gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? Yeah.
020.eaten a worm/mud pie? Probably when I was a kid.
021.swam in the ocean? Yeah.
022.had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up? Yeah.
023. played spin the bottle? Don't think I ever did.

001.your bedroom like? Small, with no dresser right now.
002.your favorite thing for breakfast? Right now it's cereal.
003.your favorite thing for lunch? Lately it's been either a bagel, or a $.25 slim jim
005.your favorite thing for dinner? Ramen.
006.your favorite restaurant? You really think I can write their names using a Roman Alphabet.. especially when I can't pronounce it.

001.a vegetarian?: Not if I can help
002.a good student?: of what?
003.good at sports?: last I checked.
004.wakeboarding/snowboarding? Tell you when I try.
005.a good singer?: So good, the mirror cries, then breaks.
006.a good actor/actress? I don't know.. you believe any of this?
007.a deep sleeper?: Well.. I apparantly sleep with my eyes open, and I haven't really needed the alarm clock yet.. so i'm working on it.
008.a good dancer?: About as good as as a one-legged man, no-armed man in an ass-kicking contest(got that from my uncle), who then has to wrestle a bear. .. .. well., maybe not as good as him.
009.shy?: I quit being shy sometime in high school
010.outgoing?: When I need to be.
011.in love?: Well, I'm married, for over 5 mths, and I was with her for over 3 years.. I think the word your looking for is Chained. Am I chained, yes I am.
012. crushin?: ?
Today is Sunday   
05:00pm 21/09/2003
  Which means relatively nothing. Last Thursday, I finally got my household goods, so, whoo-hoo me. So, I be playing on my computer, and PS2 now. Amanda, should be back within the month, so that's good.
Let's be honest, I can't cook nearly as many dishes as she can, nor do I enjoy cooking as much as her.
Other than that, all is the same, the winds have been strong, and there are too many boxes, lying around the cho right now. But, eh, I'll deal with that later.
All the fun.   
06:40pm 12/09/2003
  Yep.. it's 6:40 p.m., about to go see Pirates of the Caribean, Bad Boys II, and T3. and all of that, should tell you how bored I am. I could go back to my cho, and just lay there, as I've done the past few days, but that's getting predicitable,.. what's the fun of that?
Yesterday, I walked to the Mt. Yumihari lookout point.. only took me about 1 1/2.. granted, that's becuase I didn't follow the road, and just went straight.. which kinda sucked at one point, because I accidently killed a snake.. didn't mean to, and I felt bad after I did.
I was walking up, and I had just gotten out of the woods, and started on a path/hard sand kinda walkway, when just as I'm stepping down, I hear a hiss, well, as my foot was already on the ground, I look, and it was disgusting. The snake was only about a foot long, maybe a little bigger, and I had stepped right on the head.. yuck.. I spent the next few minutes, trying to find rocks to wipe the bottom of my foot off. It was a little silvery, darkish-blue. Still, it sucked, and I felt bad about killing/stepping on that snake. Well, at the top of Mt. Yumihari, it did have a pretty view, and the way down took about 1 45 minutes to get down, but I jogged some of that.. i'd say maybe 20 minutes on & off. Shin splints, still giving me a little problem. Besides that, today marked paycheck number 2, so that was neat, and stuff.
A typhoon passed by earlier.. not close enough for it to actually for me to actually call it a tyhpoon, but sounds better than saying winds from a typhoon got us.. eh.. the winds were weak.
I mean.. it rained, and the winds weren't that weak, but it wasn't a typhoon, so that wasn't fun. I was hoping it would come by us... liven things up a bit, it would have been nice to see one, I haven't before. But we only got the outskirts, the winds were strong enough to slow me down a bit sometimes, but wasn't strong enough to push me back, or stop me. So.. I was of course, still out there.
Well., my movie starts soon, so I be leaving soon, to go spend money to not notice the consitency of time.