Tars (tarstark) wrote,

All the fun and games pt2.

Well, we drove to Nagasaki, took a little longer than we thought, but it was still fun. Amanda took her portable DVD player, and almost watched the whole movie of "The life of David Gale." In Nagasaki, we pretty much knew what we wanted to do, so we visited Peace park, which was built on the grounds of where a former prison used to stand.. and you guessed it.. This prison was the closet building to where the bomb detonated. Almost the whole building was destroyed, and interestingly enough, the only piece of the building left still standing was the chimney. Everything else was destroyed, along with everyone in it. From there, we went to another part, dedicated to the bomb, this part was also close to the epicenter, but was built in remembrance of it, they even relocated part of a church to this area. So, you could see the blisters on the stones. Also, it showed the ground at the time of the detonation.. well how low the ground was. And, there was a stream next to this park/area.. and a little notice next to it, sad that at the time, there were youths from the local college swimming in the stream, and later, all of the bodies after the bomb had formed a damn, almost, blocking the water. From there, we went to the Nagasaki Museum, which was dedicated to the bomb, which also provided more info, that didn't know, forgot about. Surprisngly, they were very honest, and while some info was hard to acknowledge, when they knocked their own country down as well, you have to at least, accept it in some way. For instance, the museum repeately points out, that all the victims weren't only japanese, there were american victims, and even Korean victims. And, it expressed sympathy for the Korean victims, because it was Japan's fault. In World War II, Japan quickly fought and won Korea, and so the government, forcibly drafted the young men of Korea to fight for them, and forcibly took the young women and sent them wherever, in order to be.. well, to be honest, sex slaves, to make it easier for the japanese men fighting over seas. When the bomb detonated over Nagasaki, a lot of the Koreans who were forcibly forced to Kyoto were killed, however, unlike the japanese, they were not taken care off, instead, most were left where they were, and died, and even now, back in Korea, where there are still survivors, none receive any of the care, or treament, or anything that the Japanese do. In korea, if you talk in japanese, or assume some are, in some ways.. most are still heavily offended by that, due to the treatment that the Japanese gave them, during World War II.
Also, Nagasaki was bombed due to incredibly bad luck.. Well, yeah, that's a given, but even more so.
While they were making the bombing lists, Nagasaki wasn't on the initail list. Sasebo, where we live was, but Nagasaki wasn't.. Nagasaki wasn't even on the 2nd list, which cut off most cities. Nagasaki, got added pretty late on..which is pretty bad luck.
However, they still had bad luck.
Hiroshima was selected as the primary target for the first bomb, and that went as it did. But for the 2nd bomb, Nagasaki was the secondary target. Another city was the primary target, so the pilot flew to that city with the bomb. And, stayed for a little while, but due to clouds was never able to get a visual, and so he left for Nagasaki. While over Nagasaki, same thing.. cloud cover prevented visual sighting.
However, just as he was about to leave, the clouds broke for a second and with that visual sighting, dropped the bomb. While at the museum, they showed a lot of artifacts they recovered from the bombing, bricks blistered, glass fused, iron bent, and warped out of shape.. even clothes, and the shadows. They have pieces of wood, where you can see the shadows of where leaves were burned onto it, or Iron, where you see the shadow of a man, and a ladder. They also have the bloodstained clothes, that people were wearing at the time, and coins from that time, that had been fused together, due to the heat.
After leaving the museum, we went ahead, and headed home, as that had taken up the almost the whole day. And, now, onto pt 3, where, i'll get to the recent stuff.. and the amusing stuff.
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