Tars (tarstark) wrote,

All the fun.

Yep.. it's 6:40 p.m., about to go see Pirates of the Caribean, Bad Boys II, and T3. and all of that, should tell you how bored I am. I could go back to my cho, and just lay there, as I've done the past few days, but that's getting predicitable,.. what's the fun of that?
Yesterday, I walked to the Mt. Yumihari lookout point.. only took me about 1 1/2.. granted, that's becuase I didn't follow the road, and just went straight.. which kinda sucked at one point, because I accidently killed a snake.. didn't mean to, and I felt bad after I did.
I was walking up, and I had just gotten out of the woods, and started on a path/hard sand kinda walkway, when just as I'm stepping down, I hear a hiss, well, as my foot was already on the ground, I look, and it was disgusting. The snake was only about a foot long, maybe a little bigger, and I had stepped right on the head.. yuck.. I spent the next few minutes, trying to find rocks to wipe the bottom of my foot off. It was a little silvery, darkish-blue. Still, it sucked, and I felt bad about killing/stepping on that snake. Well, at the top of Mt. Yumihari, it did have a pretty view, and the way down took about 1 45 minutes to get down, but I jogged some of that.. i'd say maybe 20 minutes on & off. Shin splints, still giving me a little problem. Besides that, today marked paycheck number 2, so that was neat, and stuff.
A typhoon passed by earlier.. not close enough for it to actually for me to actually call it a tyhpoon, but sounds better than saying winds from a typhoon got us.. eh.. the winds were weak.
I mean.. it rained, and the winds weren't that weak, but it wasn't a typhoon, so that wasn't fun. I was hoping it would come by us... liven things up a bit, it would have been nice to see one, I haven't before. But we only got the outskirts, the winds were strong enough to slow me down a bit sometimes, but wasn't strong enough to push me back, or stop me. So.. I was of course, still out there.
Well., my movie starts soon, so I be leaving soon, to go spend money to not notice the consitency of time.
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