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All the sights and sounds.

Well, Kumamato Castle was interesting, pretty large size, and about 5 KM in circumfrence.. or diamater.. one of the two, big difference. Besides Kumamato Castle, we went to that regions Lord's residence, and this one park. Out of the three, I surprisngly liked the park best. I plan on going again, with Amanda, so next time will get pictures. The Koi were cool.. freaking large too.. like 2-3 feet, and when you threw food into the water, they would all come to the surface, trying to get to it, mouths open, sucking the water.. really funny.
Plus, I bought a few presents... not really souveniors.. but some things that will make a few nice gifts, for people, including me. ;)
Today, I went and transfered the name of the car to me.. the one I bought from this people.. but they used to have a policy of where you had to only have liability insurance, but because a lot of sailors were stupid and get into accidents.. after their 3 mth liability insurance ran out, and they never renewed it, it's now mandatory that you get at least a year insurance.. which was about 37,000 yen. But, now I have to register it.. which is a whole lotta more fun. More on that later, but I think I'll pay an extra 30-40(100), and have someone do it for me, since it'll take about week, and if it isn't done in two weeks, you can't drive your car until it's done.. but, I don't think I'll have much time.
On Thursday, hopefully.. very very much hopefully, I'll have internet at our house, with no phone line, so we'll see if that works, but if so.. the plan I'm paying for.. is about 160 to set it up, and about 80 a month.. but I won't get charged for every few minutes I'm on, so I could.. and will.. leave it on all night, and all day, et cetra.. but the speed is kinda slow.. talking about how I could download a song in like 3-4 minutes.. man.. I remember downloading several songs in a few minutes all at the same time.
eh, oh well.
In other news, me and Amanda have finished christmas presents for a few people, I forgot which ones, and will forget which ones, until the presents are shipped out.
Well.. I'm off to my favorite burger shop to get a hotdog and orange juice.
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Hey bro.. glad your doing good. I haven't seen ya online in awhile. Good to know your keepin busy and all that good shit. Me and jesse got an apt. We moved in Friday, so now we have the god-awful enjoyment of un packing every thing.. and I didn't realize how many odd and ends we had.. dayum.... but i'll talk to you more man.. take it easy