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Hmm, so i haven't updated since Januray.. guess i'll have to make a long post then.. see if i can fit it all in here, the cool stuff.
Well.. back in April, for me and Amanda's 1 year, wedding anniversary, we went to Kyoto for a week, and that was fun, Kyoto was Japan'a first captial, and later, the emperor moved the capital to Tokyo.. if you notice, Kyo to, and To kyo, have the same syllables. yeah.. sometimes, beauty in simplicity, i guess.
anyways, to get to Kyoto, we took the bullet train, for our tickets, round trip, it cost us about 540 dollars, not bad, and the trip took 5 hours.
From Sasebo, we got on a regular type train to.. can't remember where, but that was 2 hours, then from there, to Kyoto, we rode the bullet train for about 3 hours more to Kyoto, and we were going over 300 Kilometer's per hour.. if you do the translation as 25 mph equals 40 kph, then, we were going just around 200 miles an hour.
When we got to Kyoto, we took a taxi to our hotel, cause at the time, we had no idea where it was. We got there before 1, which was the check in time, so we just hung around in the lobby, and looked at brochures. Our hotel room, which was a double, was soo small, it was funny. I mean, I really think Motel 6 has bigger single hotel rooms than this place had.. and this place was a little luxurious.. but, Japan has to do things on a different scale, so, it comes with the territory.
After dropping our stuff off, we walked back to the train station, and picked up a walking map of Kyoto. Kyoto has no airports, so, not as many tourits go there. Well, all of the shops, and such closed at around 5:00, so we went back to the hotel, and Amanda read a book, while I played the GBA, I brought. Later that night, we went down to the restuarant in the hotel to eat.
The hotel we stayed at btw, was the Mitsui Garden Hotel, if i remember right.
The next day we did Johnny's walking tour; "Walk in Japan, Talk in English."
Where we followed Johnny, this one japanese guy around Kyoto, as he took us to various shrines, a park, and some other locations, like showed us, where, and how they make the fans, the prayer beads, we even saw candy being made. Plus, showed us some other temples as well, and dropped us off in front of the arcade section of the town.
By that, I mean, where there are lots of shops, and such.
That lasted from about 7-3:30, and by that time, mine and Amanda's feet were killing us, so we went back home. That night though, we used the hotel's hot water bath, which was interesting.. First time, i'd done that. by the hotel's hot water bath, i mean, on the first floor, they had the large public bath, heated water, et cetra. Guys and girls seperated, of course. Next day, me and Amanda just walked around and explored Kyoto, we walked to the train station, as a guidance point, then walked to this really old pagoda. 5 stories tall it was, all made out of wood, but before that, we walked through two sections, of buddha's, all gold, no pictures were allowed in there, because of how old they were. But, we bought postcards.
lol, well, pictures cause the place was kinda dark, so flash, and such would have been used, and the light is what they wanted to avoid.
After the pagoda, we walked to another temple, which was built into the mts, and was really pretty. On the way, we bought sushi, and tried the little small fishes..
sushi isn't just raw fish, it's just an assortment, of fish, and vegatbles with rice, and seaweed.
But, also, the small little silver fish, in japan, they are eaten whole.
In some cases alive.. .. really fresh, ya know.. just scoop with a spoon.
But, with the sushi we bought, it had the same fishie, but was cooked, in sauce, but still whole.. eyes, scales, everything.
There were two of them, and me and Amanda each tried one. I tried mine first.. and it was.. uhm.. well. . I don't eat fish that much anyways.. but, we both had to drink after it.. But, i did do better than Amanda.. her facial expression, after she stuck the whole small fish in her mouth was funny.. and if we had been home, she would have just spit it out.. but, because we were on a street in Kyoto, she bore with it, and finished the fish.
After the temple, we walked over to the Kyoto Imperial palace, and took a walk in the gardens, that was also pretty, and some of the Cherry Blossoms were still in bloom.. well.. still had the flowers.
And from the temple, we walked to Nijo Castle, and explored the grounds. While there, we bought a little doll, and some other souvernirs.
After that, we walked to one of the Kyoto musuems, then took a taxi home. Amanda's feet had been bothering her, and we had walked a lot.
The next day, we went to the Kyoto Zoo, which was interesting, saw the Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, even a small little red panda. As well, as tons of monkeys'..
Even saw two red-butt Monkey's, trying to do it, like they do on the discovery channel.
From there, we went to another temple, and like the temple from the previous day, this one is also well known. It was the golden pavillion temple, built partly on water, very pretty that was. While there, we each bought a good luck charm, gold, and silver, and little pendants with our birth months. From that temple, we went to a museum/school, it's a school of peace that has a lot of info/stuff on the bombings, and how it's dedicated to peace. I can't remember the name, off the top of my head right now. But, it pointed out a lot of info, most people forget about, or don't know.
Like how, Kyoto was at one time, on the list to be destroyed, but one of the people who were making the list, or had a say in it, had been to Kyoto as a child, and so managed to get Kyoto off the list. It was interesting to be there, the information.
After that, we went back to the hotel, and got ready to leave.
Back in sasebo, we started getting ready to go to Nagasaki. Nagasaki is only a little over an hour away, but we hadn't been there yet.
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