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All the fun & games, conc.

Well, today is Friday, 7:21.. just got a call from the co-worker, Ichi.. said that one of the slot machines, had been left open., and the bill box is who knows where..
ahhh... gonna get in trouble on monday.. /sigh.. oh well.. maybe tomorrow, i can find it.. I work Saturday.. not sure where it had gone.. he didn't put it up, and as for me. I remember picking it up off the floor, and putting it on the counter, but I didn't put it up either. Either way.. that's for tomorrow, nothing to do of it now.
On Monday, I am supposed to have my follow-up eye-exam... . I had an eye-exam a mth ago.. but due to certain things, which i'll explain in a second, the glasses I am wearing now, don't have the correct presecription..
When we came to Japan, before we left, I wasn't able to find my glasses, so I only was able to bring my contacts with me.. that in itself was a slight problme.. because, my contacts were the two week, dispoal type.. but i had a few boxes worth..
but to make a long/short story short..
by the time of my eye exam, i was on my last pair of contacts.. which i had been wearing for a few months.. which i hadn't taken out, because.. as it was the last pair, if they ripped.. that'd leave me basically blind, as I have pretty bad vision..
So, I get to the eye doc, and let him know, and he's like.. well.. if you were active duty, I'd say, you can't wear contacts when you leave, but I can't.
And, he was like what type,do you have, I have Acuvue.. and he's okay.. do you know how long the FDC says you can keep those in for, without taking them out?
Nope, replies I. 6 days, says he..
Which.. I guess when i had been keeping them in my eyes for a few mths.. that isn't exactly great news..
So, I go, and take out my contacts, and come back, whatnot.. goes over the list.. and while doing the intial stuff, like the air pressure, his assitant is having a really hard time, getting a good reading. Anyways, i go to that chair, sit down, and do that look through the big, metal thing that has lots of lenses.. doing the which is better routine A, B, 1, 2, et cetra. And my answers, are pretty much the same thing.. I don't really see a difference.. so eye doc, looks at my eyes, and goes okay.. This is a lot easier now.. as a doctor, I am telling you, you are not allowed to put contacts in your eyes when you leave.. especially your right eye.. since you have no way of getting home, you can put it back in your left eye, but not your right eye.
He then says, in the questionaire, you put that your right eye hurts a little.. well.. a some of the surface of your right eye is missing.
Apparantly, since you left the contacts in for so long, a bond probably started to form between the contacts, and your eye, and when you took the contact out, it ripped parts of your eys off as well... as well as, both of your eyes are swollen, and that is why, for now, we can't get an accurate prescription for you. I'm going to issue glasses, but i highly doubt they'll be accurate, as, when your eyes get better, the way you see things will change slightly.
So, I left with my presecription, which I can attest to... is pretty far from being accurate.. and with moistures for both eyes, which i was supposed to take every 2 hours, and anti-biotics, which i was supposed to use every 4 hrs, on my right eye, adn do that for 10 days, which I did.. I was good. :)
So, on Monday, I am supposed to have my follow-up eye exam.. .. . . . however..
that may not be feasible now.. Because, there is a typhoon headed this way.. and is supposed to hit Sasebo, either Sunday or Monday.. not sure.. but if it comes Sunday, i have the day off anyways.. so lots of rain.. if it comes monday.. I'll prob get the day off.. but no eye appointment... so best bet is for it to change it's course.
But at the moment.. it's gonna pass pretty damn close to Sasebo..
But.. we've had a few, supposdly gonna pass next to us, but all changed their routes.. but maybe not this one..
the others, we were only on the edges of the circle within the proposed course, before it changed.. on this one, we are pretty close to the center, of the circle.. so it's gotta do a pretty good change of course, for us to be out of it.
Either way.. nothing to do of it. But that's all the news so far of that.
Well, Father's day is coming up soon. Not sure what to get for my dad.. hm.. I'll prob figure something out. But.. I don't have much time.. . .
As for Amanda, she left singapore, and is now headed somewhere else. She already sent me one birthday gift.
She went to that NameAStar website, and registered/bought one of the stars for us, so that was nice. Plus, she's gonna buy me the next part of Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series, which just came out, which is cool, cause I don't have that one yet. and, she bought me the DVD of Run Lola Run.
And, you ask how do i know? Well, because, she told me, and why?
Because, I can't exactly control what she buys, but likewise.. so,.. she'll be gone to August..it'd be bad, if when she got back.. i had already gotten Run lola Run, and had bought the book.
But, another really gift she got me, is in that late August, she signed us up to go climb Mt. Fuji, which was something i really wanted to do.
Also, short little piece.. I used to play Final Fantasy XI online..
had a mithra, lvl 52Blm, 27whm, 19, samurai, 20 warrior, 21, thif, 14 ranger, and every other job, at at least lvl 10. Plus, i had cooking skill to 56, fishing to 8, gold to 9, and wood to 27. but, I deleted my char, and account yesterday. It was taking up too much of my time, but thought I'd post the stuff, and info, so I wouldn't forget later, lol.. I started playing in December, and, so thus, played it for nearly 1/2 a year.. But, I should get more work done around the house.
I already moved the computer to a different part, and thinking of re-arranging more of the house.
Talk to you guys later
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