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Same things every day

Not much going on in the land of the rising sun, other than that the sun isn't rising, cause it's dark outside.. damn liars.
Well.. amanda gets back in less then two weeks, which is cool. And when she gets back, we're gonna be busy. That sunday she gets back, we are going to drive to Kumamoto city, about 3 hours away, .. well 2-3 hours, depending on how fast you drive on the toll roads, to go look at the castle there, and the park there.
And if we drive there fast enough, and such, we'll go to Mt. Aso.. another hour east. Mt. Aso is kind of unclear..It's not really a Mt.. it's actually 5 mountains.. but the area is called Mt. Aso.. plus it has an active volcano there too., so hopefully can check it out.
I went with my friend Julia, from Australia, on the 1st. Did the castle, and the park, plus drove to Mt. Aso. but it wasn't great. A tyhpoon had gone through that area the day before. So, while we were lucky, and there was no rain, Mt. aso part sucked. The castle, and the park was nice. The tyhpoon, and the rain from the night before, had cooled the air, and gotten rid of most of the humidity. But the mt.. it also brought in clouds, and for about the last 1/2 .. maybe 1 kilometer, to the top of the mountain, we were driving through low clouds. It's kind of funny to drive into a cloud.. great visibility.. oh.. look.. clouds.. okay visibility.. entering the cloud.. oh.. look.. I have to drive 10 kilometers an hour, so I can see the front of my car. But, that's okay, as the clouds kept passing in the direction they were going, we did get decent visibility at times.
Still.. that day was tiring. Drove 500 km's that day.. and my friend didn't like speeding.. so I had to go the speed limit of 80 km's an hour.. (50mph) on the toll road.. though I was getting passed by yellow plate cars doing 100 km.. and regular white plates doing 120. :(
Still.. next thursday, gonna go back to mt. aso.. gonna skip the castle, and such.. no tyhphoon expected.. supposed to be sunny with maybe clouds.. so hopefully can find a bit more of the MT this time, other than the museum.
Amanda gets back in two weeks.. well less. Which is good.. I got the house mostly cleaned up.. still some things to do. ..but hey. i work better under pressure.. so.. the longer I wait.. the better the house will look :).
yeah.. I love that reasoning.
Anyways.. thought I'd let the family know what this branch is up to. Not much.. just the usual things.
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