Tars (tarstark) wrote,

.. just updating so people know i'm alive.

Well.. not much going on. Amanda gets all day to herself, cause I have to work, then go to a spouse dinner.. what fun. :)..
On Sunday, we're gonna try to head up to Hirado, there's a castle there, not as big as Kumamoto, but it'll be interesting to see, plus never really driven north of our house but by maybe 10 minutes, so., it'll all be new to us.
Let's see.. what i've been up to..
Well.. Me and Amanda went to Kumamoto Castle, saw that, then drove to Mt. Aso, and saw the volcano, .. all fun and such.
Then the next weekend, we climbed Mt. Fuji. Got our sticks, with their little burnt stamps, got most of the stations burnt in, except a few, which were closed because it was too wet. It wasn't raining.. but they were in the clouds, so the humidity.. or moisture, whatever from the clouds was making everything wet.
Took us about 7 1/2 hours to get to the top, because we traveled as a group, and it took us about 3 hours to get back down.. again traveling as a group. Then we went to an Ossen, and headed back to Sasebo.
Been getting stuff for an N64, a bunch of games Amanda likes, so trying to get it all. and everything we bought we've received, except the actual console.
Texas is doing decent in football.. but unless they actually win a big game, all the rest doesn't matter.
Haven't heard from Marty lately.. last I heard from him, he said he was a punk.. and last I heard from David was that he's working out, so that if we get into a fight, he won't get punked so badly.. told him I was getting back in shape, so regardless he'll get punked.
Amanda still likes to think she's the boss.. and.. as long as she keeps cooking good food, she can think that.. but i'll still tell her when to go to bed, or what she can't do.(staying up waaayy to late, when she has to be up early, doesn't work), she's lazy-girl.
We are starting to get our bills under control.. with the exception of a few accts.. but all things in due time.
Well.. can't think of anything else.. and I updated enough already. Have fun and such.
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