Tars (tarstark) wrote,

Saw this on someone else's journal;

And as it's been a few years since i've done one of these last, and I have nothing else to do, I think i'll do one.

001.name: Christopher Lambert
002.birthday.: July 6, 1980
003.location: Sasebo city, Nagasaki Prefecture, Kyushi Island, Japan
004.religion: I believe in energy
005.occupation: Slot Tech

001.hair: dark brown/black (depends on: sun/water/ and how much dust there is)
002.eyes: brownish
003.height: 5'9

001.clothing: loose, black, no buttons
002.music: alternative, R&B, classical, rock, techno, fast

001.wearing: clothes and shoes
002.listening to: some jamacian guy
003.thinking of: how no one is ever online, and how many days till my wife gets back

001.bought: (for my wife), the sims, a few hours ago[amazon],(for me) junk food, keeps the hunger away
002.ate & drank: A bagel.. no flavor, with cream cheese, horrible extra taste, but provides nutrients.
004.watched on TV: .... How the hell am I supposed to remember what I watched back in july?
005.were complimented on: .. I've been complimented on something?

001.club or houseparty: club.. at least this way, I can go into a corner and watch people
002.tea or coffee: Neither, I don't drink caffeine
003.achiever or slacker: I acheive what I don't aspire to, and what I should do, I try to slack.
004.beer or cider: Depends.. what cider, what beer? Otherwise, I'll just take a drink of whatever
005.Drinks or shots: drinks.. i'm in japan.. ain't no good shot, but my shot
006.cats or dogs: cats
007.single or taken: Taken
008.pen or pencil: pen
009.gloves or mittens: why would I wear either of those.. fools.
010.food or candy: Food.. preferably pizza, keeps me healthy
011.cassette or CD: cd
012.coke or pepsi: sprite
013.hard or mild alcohol: hard.. if I am going to drink, I'll do it right. sides, never been drunk.
014.matches or a lighter: Matches, the smell of them lighting is amusing to me.
015.sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: how about a sunset seen over the islands off the beach, looking down from a mountain.
016.Rickie Lake or Oprah Winfrey: .. They're still on?. . well screw you, I don't have to pick, I don't have a TV.

001.kill: if i had to choose, i'd choose myself, less painful, and time consuming that way
002.hear from: santa claus.. where the hell is my shit from when I was a kid?!?!
003.get really wasted with: I'd prefer Alcohol.. it'd be a bit faster that way.
004.look like: Someone without a lot of facial injuries.
005.be like: A person who never has to eat again.
006.avoid: Death.. for at least a few more years.

001.touched: Amanda
002.talked to: (work related) Ray (non-work related) my mom
003.hugged: Amanda
004.instant messaged: Infinity826, but as usual, she never answered(though my connection as usual, failed)
005.kissed: Amanda
006.who broke your heart: the last person who broke my heart, probably thinks I don't have one, so the question is meaningless.
007.made you blush: .. I think some girl back when I was like 10.. don't remember.

001.eat: in the kitchen
003.cry: last time, it was on the ground in my backyard.
004.wish you were: A place where the breath I take is chilled, where I am surrounded by nature, and where the smell is of the world.

001.dated one of your best friends? Of course, break-ups are better that way
002.loved somebody so much it makes you cry? .. cry? only after we broke up.
003.drank alcohol? Yes
004.done drugs? yes.. caffeine is a drug, as is Alcohol.. why asking two questions, when one did?
005.broken the law? .. I sped, ran a red light, driven down a one-way street, but in the other way, and passed a car while doing so.. but.. uh.. no. haven't broken a law yet.. maybe bypassed a few.. but not broken.
007.broken a bone? Yeah.
008.cheated on a test? Yeah.
009.skinny dipped? Yeah.
010.played Truth or Dare? Yeah.
011.flashed someone? .. can't remember.. don't think I have though.
012.mooned Someone? don't think so
013.kissed someone you didn't know? Yeah..
014.been on a talk show/game show? no.. but an extra in a movie.. does that count.
015.been in a fight? Yeah.
016.ridden in a fire truck? No.
018.come close to dying? Only when a vehicle slammed into the car I was in, completely shifting the front of the vehicle by a few inches, and missing me by a fraction of a second.. and when I cracked my head open, twice.. and when I stepped on the snake, rather than it biting me.. and when I slept too close to the fire(burnt rubber is a horrible smell), landing face first from a four-wheeler onto a rock.. and fortunately just hitting my mouth(front teeth are plaster).. But, besides those.. not really.. no, I never saw my life flash before my eyes.
019.gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride? Yeah.
020.eaten a worm/mud pie? Probably when I was a kid.
021.swam in the ocean? Yeah.
022.had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up? Yeah.
023. played spin the bottle? Don't think I ever did.

001.your bedroom like? Small, with no dresser right now.
002.your favorite thing for breakfast? Right now it's cereal.
003.your favorite thing for lunch? Lately it's been either a bagel, or a $.25 slim jim
005.your favorite thing for dinner? Ramen.
006.your favorite restaurant? You really think I can write their names using a Roman Alphabet.. especially when I can't pronounce it.

001.a vegetarian?: Not if I can help
002.a good student?: of what?
003.good at sports?: last I checked.
004.wakeboarding/snowboarding? Tell you when I try.
005.a good singer?: So good, the mirror cries, then breaks.
006.a good actor/actress? I don't know.. you believe any of this?
007.a deep sleeper?: Well.. I apparantly sleep with my eyes open, and I haven't really needed the alarm clock yet.. so i'm working on it.
008.a good dancer?: About as good as as a one-legged man, no-armed man in an ass-kicking contest(got that from my uncle), who then has to wrestle a bear. .. .. well., maybe not as good as him.
009.shy?: I quit being shy sometime in high school
010.outgoing?: When I need to be.
011.in love?: Well, I'm married, for over 5 mths, and I was with her for over 3 years.. I think the word your looking for is Chained. Am I chained, yes I am.
012. crushin?: ?
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