Tars (tarstark) wrote,

Just stuff.

I haven't even been in Japan, but a few months, and I can already tell I'm going to miss several things, not because I use them, but rather because of just how neat they are.
First on the list, is the vending machines, they are so much cooler over here. I have a better variety of drinks, but I can get the drinks either hot or cold, from the same machine. Which is a very neat thing, when the mornings are cold, and you can just get a nice hot drink. Plus, I can get Ice cream from the vending machines, in like 15 different flavors.. yeah.. they are kinda like the push-pops. Still, ice cream is plus. Plus, I can get cigerattes.. but they have that in the states. But what's really cool, though I haven't done it yet, is the alcohol. I can get that in vending machines to. Man.. There really is so much more responsibility here. If they had alcohol vending machines like these in the states, there'd probably be a few drunk kids every night. But here in japan, no problem with that. At least not in Sasebo. But yeah.. I can get me some beer whenever I feel like it, by walking down to the corner, popping some yen in, and picking what I want.
Japanese people are so much more politer than most other people, lol. The only thing that I've noticed that goes on a lot is the red lights. In japan, nearly every red light, like 99.99% of them are on a 3-second timer, so a ton of red lights are run. Though, they have cameras at some intersections, at most, they don't. So, I guess, since most japanese know they got 3 seconds of red light till a green light, or cross walk sign, they figure they got an extra 2 seconds to go still. Because, I think I've seen more blunt red-light running here in these few months, than I ever saw in the states.
Oh well.. as for the words I've learned.. well.. I can ask people where something is.. I ain't gonna be like that one guy with the cell phone, trying to know where the toilet is. Plus, I've learned the words important for a job.. like, "Please wait"; "I'll do it tomorrow"; "I forgot". Really.. those are like the cornerstone words of every job in the world.
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