Tars (tarstark) wrote,


Yesterday was fun. It was a friday, which is always nice, because Friday's aren't that bad.. and plus the next day is Saturday, which is even easier, plus it's a weekend. But yesterday, I bought two 6X9 rugs.. not very big.. but oddly enough, it does cross one of the smaller rooms all the way and then some.. by a few inches.. but in the other direction it is lacking in a few feet. Well.. I was about to leave the base yesterday, when the power went out. Which was amusing. Because it was kinda dark, but the amusing part is that the power only went out on base.. all off base still had power, and there was no lighting, or thunder, or anything, just lights one second, a little boom, and no lights the next.
Today, was okay, nothing fun, had to escort this japanese girl onto main base housing, so she could go and take her SAT's, when I escorted her off base at 12:00, four hours later, her mom gave me some home-made strawberry jelly for going through the trouble.. wasn't much trouble, so I think I'll give it to my boss, since that's who I was doing that for.
and tomorrow. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I'm going to Kumamato(sp?) Castle, one of the three bigger/well known castles in Japan, so yay on that. The only bad news is that I don't have a digital camera, so I won't be able to get digital pictures. Well.. me and Amanda will go sometime, again, when she gets back.
Just thought i'd let people know all the fun things going on.
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